Quality Policy

RAG is committed to the designing and delivering safe,
effective and reliable products/ services. To achieve our
quality goal, we will:
• Meet or exceed internal and external customer
• Meet or exceed applicable worldwide quality
standards and regulatory requirements.
• Continually motivate and develop our employees to
improve our processes and quality system.

Quality Objectives

We will consistently fulfill the needs of our customers,
our employees, and our community by:
• Our commitment to consistently deliver superior
products/services to our customers through rigorous
design and development process.
• Our commitment to establish and maintain an
effective quality system that allows us to deliver
products/services at the highest level of customer
satisfaction and to demonstrate compliance with
applicable laws and regulations.

Commitment to Quality

We at RAG have evolved over the years since incipience, meticulously designed every process within the organization in
bringing highest organizational excellence and offer greater customer satisfaction. Quality is carefully constructed in our
cultural environment and it is the fabric of our organization.
RAG demonstrates its commitment and organizational excellence by attaining highest compliance to worldwide regulatory
requirement and global standards

Quality Certification

RAG is certified in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard, which means that our Quality Assurance Management
System puts major emphasis on continual improvement and customer satisfaction.