RAG will be recognized as a company that responsibly manages risks to the health and safety of its employees, its
clients, contractors, and the communities in which it operates.


The RAG team has ultimate responsibility for health and safety
performance and achievement of health and safety
excellence. RAG and its business units are therefore
committed to:
• Conducting its business in a safe manner, consistent with
its aims to eliminate all incidents within the company
• Identifying and reducing risks to health and to safety
• Maintaining a strong health and safety leadership culture
where safe behaviors are encouraged and recognized
• Promoting a culture in which all employees share this
commitment and take personal responsibility for health
and safety
• Creating an environment where workers are empowered
to intervene if they believe that a work activity is unsafe
• Continual improvement of our health and safety
performance and management systems
• Complying with all applicable health and safety laws and
• Transparency in the reporting of the Company’s health and
safety performance and sharing of knowledge

Responsibility and implementation

Prevention of harm to people is a line responsibility that starts with the Chief Executive and flows down through the line
management structure to front line employees/contractors performing work. Every leader at RAG is responsible for proactively
leading the management of risks to people with their teams. Every RAG employee is responsible for making themselves aware of the
health and safety risks in their work area and to proactively play their part in reducing these risks. All employees are empowered to
speak up if they have any health or safety concerns.

Quality Certification:

To meet this commitment at the Group level RAG will:
• Implement a systematic approach to health and safety
management and assurance
• Publish regular performance reports and openly discuss
our health and safety performance
• Periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of
this policy, our management systems, targets and
Each RAG business unit will:
• Identify and assess the risks to health and safety as a
result of business activities
• Provide suitable resources for health and safety
• Develop and maintain health and safety management
systems that comply with this policy and group health
and safety standards
• Select and manage contractors to ensure alignment
with this policy and our values
• Ensure that our health and safety goals and standards
are understood at all levels within the business unit
• Measure, appraise, and report on health and safety
• Provide appropriate training for all staff to enable them
to carry out their work in a safe manner
• Ensure appropriate emergency response procedures
are in place and regularly tested to minimize the impact
of any incident or emergency situation
• Hold appropriately empowered line management
accountable for health and safety performance
• Include health and safety competences and
performance in appraisals
• Engage with clients, contractors, and suppliers to
continuously improve standards of health and safety

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