We have supplied several gas conditioning and processing trains on literally immediate deliveries along with complete offsites and utilities for projects having gas volumes as high as 100MMscfd.    

RAG is expert in gas conditioning and treating units for various natural gas fields having smaller flows and difficult processing challenges that are used to make these projects unviable. Our infield experience can greatly benefit low-volume gas fields, fields with higher CO2 and H2S concentrations (low btu), small reserves, and low pressures. We can offer our expertise to make your small projects viable and let no molecule get wasted. 

Equipment offering:

  1. Filter separators
  2. Gas scrubbers
  3. H2S Scavengers 
  4. Air Coolers
  5. Compressors for gas storage and discharge 
  6. Gas heater skids 
  7. Hot oil packages
  8. Crude oil heaters
  9. Nitrogen Rejection Packages
  10. Slug Catchers
  11. Pig launcher and receivers
  12. Condensate stabilization packages
  13. Heat Exchangers
  14. Chemical Injection Skids
  15. Fuel Gas Conditioning
  16. Pumping Skids
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