About us

a complete team of engineering and technical professionals serving clients around the globe


We are committed to meeting Client satisfaction and maintaining and enhancing RAG's reputation by delivering timely, cost efficient and well managed quality services.

To deliver on these commitments we will:

  • Provide, communicate and promote RAG's Quality Policy and procedures to our employees and all other stakeholders involved in our activities;
  • Deliver product and services that meet or exceed the standards prescribed in relevant agreements, contracts, codes and statutory obligations
  • Deliver added value to our client by identifying, monitoring and responding to their needs, expectations and levels of satisfaction
  • Provide the necessary training and education programs to ensure understanding and consistency in applying RAG's Quality Policy and procedures
  • Ensure compliance with Quality Policy of RAG, while selection of vendors/subcontractors
  • Focus for continuous improvement, setting new benchmarks to maintain our quality services
  • Set meaningful and measurable targets which aim to continually improve quality services
  • Promote involvement of all employees and stakeholders in refining and improving our services quality to achieve the best positive outcomes for everyone