we actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality assets, products and services

Procurement is our strength either it is the procurement of a project, equipment or your operational needs. To enhance our supply chain strength and support our projects we strive to actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality assets, products and services. Our superior methodology, strategic alliance with world leading manufacturers and suppliers combined with sector expertise bring value to their clients upstream and downstream supply chain needs. We are agile and responsive, we understand what delivery time and commitment means to our client’s success.

When you work with RAG, you will immediately now how agile & responsive we are

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Procurement for EPCC Projects:

Effective BOQ management, RFQ preparation & floatation, purchasing, expediting, logistics, receiving, invoicing, material handling & reconciliation of different orders and jobs at distinct geographical locations & worksites would not have been possible without procurement tools that RAG has developed over a period of time. Our system for supplier selection, vendor/subcontractor prequalification, fabrication/construction management has been core reason for delivering on schedule keeping firm control on cost and QHSE for EPCC projects.

Mid-stream & Downstream procurement:

Need new process equipment? Get a complete package from RAG. A complete package eliminates hassles, saves you time and saves you money. Our Package includes design, fabrication & assembly management, on-time setup and startup. Packages have many components from variety of manufacturers. It’s always best to mate these components, adjust and test them before they are shipped to save undue time at site.

O&M Procurement:

In addition to O&M services we provide material, consumables, parts from different parts of the world to your work sites. We have been acknowledged as single point for all operational needs of our E&P clients. Our global existence combined with infield experience of oil & gas processing facilities facilitates us to determine your demands ahead of time, minimizing amount of efforts spend on procurement, logistics, custom and tax departments.

Upstream Procurement:

We provide drilling rigs, its components, offshore equipment, and electrical control system from reliable manufacturers and assemblers. We also provide engineering for overall plot and development activities.

Expect more from your sourcing provider

  • Competitive prices, quality product and un matched customer services
  • Global procurement options for year round sourcing and commodity flexibility
  • Direct access to global manufactures/service providers without long distributions chains
  • Ongoing development of product sources in new and current regions
  • Dedicated technical personnel, who understand your requirements, identify your needs, recommend solutions and execute them with excellence

Our Procurement Philosophy

In Past there used to be a philosophy “Caveat Emptor” means “buyer beware”, today it is “Seller beware”. Seller is considered as expert in his field and buyer relies on sellers trust worthiness. Philosophy of our management is to provide our expertise combined with superior technology, software & database, logistic management tools, inventory management and sound understand of the product to help you make smart business decisions without time delays.