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At RAG, we believe that size does not always equal strength. When it comes to being known for either brawn or brains, we are pleased to be recognized for the later.

However, with a complete team of engineering and technical professionals serving clients around the globe we are hardly a small firm. But we feel our real power is not in the sheer size of our staff. Instead, it’s derived from the intellectual capital, as well as their individual and collective industry experience. And in that sense, we have got as much talent as our largest competitors. Our leadership has worked for some for the world’s best known companies on many of their most challenging projects.

Our own corporate track record is also impressively broad and deep. Further, it’s proved that we can effectively, efficiently meet client needs, weather you are looking for complete solutions or just one piece of a project. When you partner with RAG you will notice immediately how agile and responsive we are. Our department heads report directly to the president, so we are not bogged down by burocracy or inertia. We do not load projects up with people: our staff has expertise across all disciplines, means seamless delivery and unrivaled speed of execution.

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